The Multi-Functional Sash/Belt

Sashes, or belts, are a new addition to the LinmiR products as well as a new favourite wedding accessory that is still fresh on many people’s discovery list. Sashes are multifunctional. Sashes are more glamorous alternative to a belt. When worn as a belt, the sash will add detail and colour to that special dress around the waist. It could also be worn as a headpiece to create a 1920’s Hollywood glamour, or the Gastby look. They can also be worn around the neck as a neckpiece.

A sash can be worn by a bride,  bridesmaid or even a guest to complement the dress and enhance the beauty of the dress.

Our sash comes with 2-3 metre-long ribbon which gives it a universal fitting with the option of cutting down the ribbon to the length you want to reduce on the unwanted material. At the center of the sash is an applique or brooch attached to a satin or grosgrain ribbon.

Our sashes come in various colours of the satin with a variety of decorations to choose from.

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