Floral Crowns

A floral crown is a vintage, whimsical and bohemian-inspired decorative wreath or cord usually made of flowers and/or leases that is used at festive occasions that could make a more colourful substitute for a crown.

Although it is mostly brides who are turning to the floral headdress, it is also gracing the heads of many of the most chic and stylish brides, bridal party and guests so there is no need to wait for a wedding to wear this pretty headdress! You can wear it low with relaxed hair styles for perfect part occassion. The floral crown is becoming a cute festival must-have head accessory that will make  any outfit irresistibly pretty.

Because the flower crown is such a style statement, your gown and accessories should support that statement. The most successful looks to compliment a flower hair wreath are bohemian, beach or garden inspired.

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